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Jack, I like Catholics. I think Catholocism is neat. It is the only major faith that I am aware of that accepts evolution by natural selection as being part of the universe God created. So no, I don't think all Christians are fools. I know some baptists who don't think Catholics are Christians however.

As for tollerance, your faith condemns me to Hell. I don't call that tollerant. I'm not worried about it, having no belief in Hell, but the sentiment is not a nice one. So don't go telling me your full of tollerance and understanding. If you said you were a lapsed catholic that might hold more weight. Regardless of my supposed damnation, I still consider the Catholic Church one of the greatest forces for good on planet earth. I am not blinded by my own Atheism so that I can not see that the world would be a much sorrier place without the Church in it. The emphasis on good works, which comes form John 14:12 among other places, has done great and wonderful things.

Kiros. I don't know what more I can say. The Electromaganetic constant is measurably 16 orders of maganatude stronger then the gravitational constant. This was arrived at by experement, very clever experements. The results of which would open the way to guiding probes to Mars, and creating the intigrated circutes that make such probes useful. Gavity is 1,000,000,000,000,000 times weaker than Electromagantism. That means you need to have that much more mass then electric charge to overcome the electric charge. Blackholes are places where that occures, that's all. The universe is very big and has many wonders in it, blackholes are one of them. Evolution is another.
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