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Mmm... you know, I've been putting off this topic for at least a week now because I wanted my carpal tunnel to feel just a little bit better, but I can't stand where this topic has gone - I'll just sum up everything that I have to say in a somewhat short post...

I love the fact that electromagnetic radiation is known as light and that, of course, we'd all fall in to the center of the Earth if it weren't for the awesome force of light. Oh, and we all know that the force of light is much more powerful than gravity, right? I mean, if light shot past a black hole, the light would keep going, right? And if that's not enough to keep you smiling, let's have another review. How could there possibly be different levels of force - that goes against all common sense right?! So gravity, no matter what is less powerful than electromagnetism. Again, if an electromagnet and a black hole fought, we all know who would win by webbeard's post (the electomagnet, right!) Now let's see, the classroom is also a place where we shouldn't learn all that we can, is it? I mean, why on Earth would a classroom be for learning something?

Now, hopefully that will keep everyone's day full of laughs

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