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the xbox 360's power pc 3 core processor has 165 million transistors. the ps3 "cell" processor has 234 million transistors. the processor consists of nine synergesic processing elements. one is redundant, the other is the base cpu. there are several different bandwidths inside a system. (ram to cpu cpu to gpu so on so forth) what really matters is the bandwidth from the ram to the cpu, and the cpu's front side bus speed. here are the bandwidth specs for the ps3 :

25.6 GB/s to Main Ram XDR DRAM: 64 bits × 3.2 GHz
22.4 GB/s to GDDR3 VRAM: 128 bits × 700 MHz × 2 accesses per clock cycle (one per edge)
RSX 20 GB/s (write), 15 GB/s (read)
SB 2.5 GB/s write and 2.5 GB/s read
204.8 GB/s Cell Element Interconnect Bus (Theoretical peak performance)[11]
Cell FlexIO Bus:35 GB/s outbound, 25 GB/s inbound (7 outbound and 5 inbound 1Byte wide channels operating at 5Ghz) (effective bandwidth typically 50-80% of total)[12]

here are the bandwidth specs for the 360 :

22.4 GB/s memory interface bus bandwidth (700 MHz × 2 accesses per clock cycle (one per edge) on a 128 bit bus)
256 GB/s eDRAM internal logic to eDRAM internal memory bandwidth
32 GB/s GPU to eDRAM bandwidth (2 GHz × 2 accesses per clock cycle on a 64 bit DDR bus)
21.6 GB/s front side bus (aggregated 10.8 GB/s upstream and downstream)
1 GB/s southbridge bandwidth (aggregated 500 MB/s upstream and downstream)

ps 3 gets 35 out and 25 in (in reguard to the processor)
360 gets a 10.8 ( 21.6 is derived from 10.8*2)
gb stands for gigabits
gB orGB stands for gigabytes
and 287 divided by five is 57.4, not 48

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