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Originally Posted by jackdaniels70744
so why dont you just say it....christians are fools? what is your specific belief? can you live along side with a christian? do you hate all of us? do you hate me because i am catholic? i dont hold anything against you for your belief, and in return i expect you not to hold anything against me for mine. please, let your response to this not be longer than I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. one thing you cant argue upon is this....welsh corgis rule
Good lord, has he yet to insult your religious belief. He has respected you, and you should, in turn, respect him. I think we should be able to debate without TRYING to instigate an argument over respect. You both win, because nobody can tell you not to believe in what you do and everyone is right because we cant prove there wrong. However, in my attempt to convert as many christians as I can to think for themselves and question there lives, I will try my hardest to say that christianity is rubbish by dis crediting the bible. Now, the bible, as any well educated christian knows, was not allways here, was not allways one book. The bible was put together by the church. The books were chosen from a wide aray of books that could have been in the bible. Adam And Eve, by moses, is actually an entire book itself, very long, boring, and full of hubub. Why wasnt it included in the bible, moses wrote it and everything. The book if Enoch, the Book of Mary, books by this guy and that guy, all books written about the christian and jewish god around the same time as all the other books were written. All pointing out differnt sins, different commandments, different dos and donts. The Book of Mary Mag. was cast out, because it was written by a woman no doubt, enoch, why not, hes not important, he was only the first man to walk with god, and moses, what did he contribute to the bible eh? So why include all of his work. Why not? Because they took bits out of each book to make the bible. that means that there are whole loads of informatioin written by the bibles authors that is missing. Loads about the life of Jesus, written by his diciples, loads of moses's work, loads of books written by people with just as much credit. And it was because they Church didnt agree with what they said in those parts. They crafted there religion by a book they made, these arent the words of god, these arent the words of Jesus. The Church can say all it wants, but christianity is based on the bible, and the bible is rubbish. Judaism, Muslim, Christainty, all formed around the same beliefs. Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, who cares who you believe in, they all preached for the same god, so how are you going to discredit what one said, if they all calimed to be teaching the word of the same god. If this is true, and they all were teaching from the same god, that means one of them is wrong, what makes you think jesus was the one that was right. you say it makes you feel good, you can feel it in your soul that its right, but then muslims say the same things, they know because they can feel in there soul that its right, mormons know the book of mormon is right, because they feel it in there soul, Hindu, buddhism there all know they are right, they know it.

SOOOOOOO what in the hell am I getting at, read it all, learn it all, find out about Jesus, The Buddah, Muhammad, Moses, David, Paul, Mary, Matthew, Lord Ganisha. Take in all of there wisdom, and come up with your own idea. If you think they were all on crack and that we evolved from apes, then huzzah, good for you, glad you decided on something that makes you comperable. If you think Jesus died and rose again to save you of your sins, huzzah, praise the lord you are save, if you think Buddha walked in the mountians teaching us the road to happiness, huzzah its great that you have found the light, if you think that an alien landed and made us as an experiment.......I should slap you hahahaha, but no really, live, learn respect, and enjoy life, and dont be hostle to people who don't believe what you do. Do I think was jesus said was moral, and right, yes, I don't care if he was god, the son of god or a prophet. Do I think what muhammad say was good ar moral, yeah, buddha you bet ya, at least I know what I think, do you even know what you think?

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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