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Originally Posted by Matt*~777
It is a fine arguement and i have certain opinions on it. In reality he cannot be impeached because he hasnt done anything illegal yet. If he does something illegal then i think he should...but i do not like anything single thing he has done over the years of his presidency, especially now. He needs to get a reality check cause he has to realize every1 in the country hates him right now and he seems to keep making the same stupid mistakes
when you say everyone, you mean 64 percent of the population. the other 36 percent still likes him. I don't support him, but I think he has done many good things. He did lower taxes, and he freed a nation under dictation, he helped make the middle east more democratic. He also, in my eyes, messed up with Iraq, faild to help katrina, put so much money and resourses into his military campaign that its severly hurt the rest of the governmnet, forcing us to import more, putting us in even more debt. his party and himself cut fundings for many government programs, that damaged the government yada yada. But I don't think impeachment is the road. Just vote democrat in the mid term's coming up, and get the democrat's majority. That will help I think

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