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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

I recently started masturbating, but I'm having trouble trying to come.

I never used to touch myself before I got my first boyfriend, and I haven't had sex yet but I love him fingering me. I get horny now, and wanted to start pleasuring myself.

I tried fingering myself, but it didn't feel good like it does when he does it, it just hurts and makes my wrist ache.

So I've started rubbing my clitoris. I rub it gently till it gets hard and put on a porn. I rub it faster as I get more aroused until it gets to the point when I get an urge to rub REALLY fast. I use 3 fingers and furiously rub, my legs start shaking and I start squirming. Then about 3-4 seconds later, the area gets too sensitive and I squeeze my legs together on impulse to stop my fingers. I try and go back to rubbing, but I can't, it's way too sensitive to do. So I have to stop there.

This CANT be an orgasm, can it? It lasted about 3 seconds, and I don't do anything apart from the squirming and I'm silent. My boyfriend's never made me cum, but when he fingers me I cant help but gasp and moan and scream.
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