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Default Re: Questions about your sexuality! (Survey)

I like participating in survey's... I don't know why! lol

What is your age? 17
Would/Have you ever compared with a friend? no/no
Would/Have you ever compared with a family member? no/no
Have you ever accidently saw another guys dick (Specify whether family or friend)? Posiblilty
Would/Have you ever been naked with a friend but havent done anything? no/no
Do you like to be naked around the house? A little
Would/Have you ever showered with/washed (Please specify which one) a guy (Naked not in swimming trunks)? No/no
Would/Have you ever give another guy head? No/no
Would/Have you ever let another guy give you head? No/no
Would/Have you ever sleep naked with another guy? No/no
Would/Have you ever gave another friend anal? No/no
Would/Have you ever recieved anal from another friend? No/no
Would/Have you ever tried your own cum? No/ Bye accedent
Would/Have you ever tried another guys cum? No/no
Would/Have you ever jacked off in school? No/no
Would/Have you ever jacked off in a public place? No/no
Would/Have you ever looked at gay porn? No/Yes
What is your sexuality (Gay, BI, Curious, Straight)? Zoophile


- Chad Erdos
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