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in a way you could call athiesm a religion based on scientific fact
No, not really. The universe does not require my belief or faith to carry on. The universe is indifferent to whether I beieve in a diety or not. The laws of physics do not change to accomodate my, or anyone elses world view. I don't have faith in science. Nor does science ask that i have faith in it. Science works whether you believe in it or not, and that's one of the cool things about science.

Atheism is the support of the supposition that their is no God, but is not synonymous with the scientific method. Atheism is a philosophical position. The existance of gravity is not a dispute of the existance of God. And there are things I don't understand but my default is that God had nothing to do withit until shown otherwise. The fact that I can, and occasionally do, walk on water a sign I special posses a divine nature that others don't. Walking on water is something anyone can do with a little patience and the right timing.
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