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I think I addressed the concept of specization in which the parent species does not vannish in the above post reguarding salamanders and arctic gulls.

I have chimps/bonobos branching from the line that would give rise to the hominids at 6 million years, but wasn't significant. What is important is that the common ancestor was neither a chimp nor a human, and the sibling offspring of the common ancestor were the same species as the common ancestor and the same species as each other. Neither was a chimp nor a human. One would count humans among its descendants, and the other would count chimps and bonobos among its descendants. At the time though the differences if there were any, would have been undetectable beyond the normal variations found among siblings. Modern humans would not put in our appearance on this earth for almost 6 million years.

I've got gorrilas at around 7 million years and all other apes around 18 million years ago. Since you insisted I haul out the book. At least, that's what the numbers were in 2004 when the book I have was published, they do move around a bit with each discovery. The timing of the plants' seporation is in dispute. Sometime in the Mesoproterozoic between 1 billion and 1.6 billion years ago, since you asked about dafodils.

I'm not a catholic. If you are catholic take it up with your priest, as I am neither a ctholic nor a priest. I'm just a fan. I am, I think it is clear, an Atheist. I have yet to meet a religeous person that thinks that is OK. In Arab Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran being an Atheist is illegal and carries a minimum punnishment of death. So you'll pardon me if I take Sharria law as an attack on my life, being that Sharria Law is an Attack On My Life.

I think religeous claims should be subjected to the same level of scrutiny as all other claims, be they about remote viewing, UFO's, or evolution by natural selection. It wouldn't be Just to insist that one type of claim needed supporting evidence while another didn't.
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