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Default ps3 revolution or 360....

it is well established that the ps3 has the highest of all system specs, the 360 coming in second and mark my words the revolution will have the lowest. they usually do because they believe that gameplay is not just about rendering capability but about sheer fun and inventiveness. originality will pwn all. personally im getting a revolution and a ps3. there arent enough consol only titles established for microsoft to warrant an xbox 360 (halo is not reason enough) the revolutions controller kicks major donkey. it can tell where it is in 3d space. so you could hold the controller and swing it to controll...a lightsaber. the ps3 secures the most final fantasy titles, (i know that they are starting to branch out tho) and quite frankly the nvidia 7800 kicks so much ass it is worth it. but what do u all think? (if u choose both say which ones in a post, too many options to list all of them)

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