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Originally Posted by PinkLink101
has anyone else had a parents or a family member die?
my dad died of cancer, 14 years ago this year, and it has only really hit me last year. i was too young to grieve, didnt really understand it, afterall i was only 5 but around the anniversary last year i got pretty bad and could just burts into tears cause i never had a dad, everyone else did but i didnt. everyone else has their dad to go to but i didnt.

i got angry and was just real upset. i still would be now, more upset than angry though, esspecially when i would see my mam alone, and i see she misses him, it just hurts.

but the sadness and anger does pass, and you remeber the good times. i remeber some but only a little, but i love hearing other people tell stories about him, i may have heard them a million times over but it makes me smile cause he is still in my life, not directly but through other people. and this is me being religious, but i know he is there watching over me, and that gives me comfort too.

but thats just me and how i deal with it.

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