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while the xbox is the most powerful out of all the sixth generation systems, the ps2 sold more colsols. there werent enough consol only games to warrant buying the ten pound consol. ps3 , sporting an eight core processor (nine, but one is redundantly inactive) and the 7800 gpu , will be the most powerful consol for seventh gen. the xbox 360 comes in second, while the revolution comes in third. nintendo is keeping eveyone in the dard about its specs, but they will be the lowest. most homes dont have hi def, so that really dosent matter, and the controller is unique for the revolution. i need that super smash/zelda/final fantasy/tekken 5 game feel so im gettinga ps3 and a revolution. not enough consol only games to warrant the 360 (halo is good, but not enough). and besides, the controller for the revo can tell where it is in 3d space, so lightsaber combat can stop sucking majorly as you control the sword by moving the controller as you would its handle.

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