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im a katrina victim, i would so like to kick somethings ass. ( tree hit my house) but i disagree. i think its wrong of congressmen to take bribes or special gifts for lobbiests but i believe they have a right to lobby. lobbying is not just done by big tobacco or abortion groups, it was done by blacks seeking rights in the latter half of the twentieth century, its done by all groups from all sides. we elect our representatives based on how we THINK they will vote, often we are wrong, and we vote them out. It is as simple as this: if a congressman votes in a way he knows his state or district won't like, he wont win re election. he loses his job. its fun in a republic government just so u can be the boss over a politician... some of which have the power to make you very uncomfortable. i am glad my siggy provokes thought and i thank anyone who dosent bash me for my terrible and inconsistant spelling, im just too tired half the time to try.

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