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... so human lineage did not diverge from gorillas eight million years ago and then from chimpanzees five million years ago. your saying our genetic structure developed from one species, which branched off into two : apes and humans??? apes came first. do you believe in paleoanthropology or multiregional origin? natural selection and survival of the fittest ensure that all weak races or species die out. The biggotry and stupidity of man has lead to the Holocaust, the murder of six million jews. that is roughly the entire population of Israel. Thousands of Blacks were killed by the Ku Klux Klan, which hated catholics. jews....well just about everybody who wasn't a protestant white. there is a certain debate about how one species can evolve into another and still exist, but life is tough. Certain bacteria can even live in the radioactive cooling waters of a nuclear reactor. I am suprised that anyone can be so misunderstanding of the catholic faith. Christianity is about nothing more than a relationship with spirituality. Whatever man doesen't like it can throw out the window. there are gay christians, there are those who drink and smoke, commit crimes, and dont go to church every sunday. biggotry is the absense of tolerance, and hate is the son of intolerance. the absence of tolerance has led to mass hatred, which has lead to the holocaust, the ku klux klan and all forms of genocide. do you say you hate tolerance because you dont understand how a person could live with faith and science? i believe if someone was intolerant toward athiests and they harrassed the athiest the athiest would be a supporter of tolerance. when you meet someone who dosent hate you for your religion you respect thiers. tell me more about your views on the catholic church.

The term "utopia" is combined from two Greek words — "no" (ou) and "place/land" (topos), thus meaning "nowhere" or more literally, "no-place/no-land."

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