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I'm a pretty "hardcore" atheist (More like an antitheist). I have gone to a church once or twice to debate the existence of God (my friend is a "hardcore" Christian, goes to Bible Camp, Christian "Rock" Concerts, dad's a minister etc. and he invited me to go to "prove" that God exists").

I don't really have a hatred for any religions, but I do dislike Christianity, as to me (and an ex-Christian friend who brought this up) they are incredibly close-minded (sorry, can't think of the exact word right now), as during the Crusades when Christianity took control over Jerusalem they massacred every single Muslim in sight, women, children, anyone (after all the battles), but when Islam took control over Jerusalem again, they just let all the Crusaders and their families go home :/

And people say that Islam is a violent religion?

EDIT: Oh, and if anyone wants to talk to me about religion, message me
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