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I think i picked on lots not just the muslims. I just thought that bit was interesting and explains why fundementalist muslims would be okay with murdering 3,000+ otherwise innocent people. In Islam you are allowed to attack your enemies' trade.

Jack, I hate tollerance. Its the reason I can't stand the Ba'hai. Friggen "Everybodies Right" religeon. Everybody can't be right, they hold mutually contradictory views. Its an excercize in orwellian double think. To hold two or more contradictory beliefs at the same time without concern or analysis. Thats why I love Catholics. They've spent more time working the kinks out of their religeon then any one else. They have consistantly applied logic to their faith and sought out and delt with internal inconsistancies, and have even moved on to the external ones. And they haven't stopped either, they draw on a wealth of knowledge and debate accumulated over 1700 years.

Incedntly, the current pope has nothing at all kind to say about budhists. (Who make up a very small portion of the prison population but is probably related to the fact that non christian asians are a very samll minority in this country. It's funny that there are any actually.) Buhdist introspection is at odds with Catholic emphasis on good works. The Pope doesn't think much of navel gazing. He seems to think that if the Tibetens were Catholics, they would be as free of the Chinese today as the Poles are free of the Soviets. Not in so many words mind you, but I see his point. Poland is free thanks in large part to the support of John Paul II. Tibet is not free despite the influnece of the reveered Dali Lama, who is clearly a good and educated man. Sure the conditions are quite different, but you can't argue with success either. (or can you?)

Old Ben the 16th is really fond of the Jews. He was probably instrumental in composing the papel bull that there is nothing ins scripture that says that the original covenant between God and the Jews has been in any way recinded, and that the past insistance on conversion in the middle ages was unfounded. The Jews remain Yahways chosen people. Christ is appernetly available for any one else who would like to choose God, through Holy Mother Church of course. This is Catholic Doctrin.

See, they work out the internal conflicts. Such clever people. Think what they could have done if they hadn't suppressed Discovery for a few centuries there. Still, to err is human.

"Whatever you ask of me, I shall do." John 14:14
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