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There may be actual reprisals from Dubai, hard to say. Maybe they will support the venezualen plan to cut oil pproduction because the pinko commie bastard Hugo Chavez hates us. I'm not a big fan of him either, if you couldn't tell. Not that it matters, every one in OPEC cheats except for Saudi Arabia and produces more then their quotas. Actually every one is producing at max capacity already.

But there is rumor that Bush asked the Dubai ports persons to withdraw in order to avoid having to have a show down, and because they like Bush they did so, but are still pissed at our congress. Besides, all they were doing was taking over opperations of a dock, a shipping terminal. There isn't alot of money in it but if you can have the same management system at two ports you can cooridinate shipments and increase profits. That's all they wanted to do.

And then we could sail in and take their booty with our creditcards arrr! and then decalre bankruptcy to avoid payin'. Take that ya forin devils!
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