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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Calm down,
If you have a problem with me, take it up with a moderator. Last I checked, I've never been warned or banned for things said in this forum.

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you know that he didn't he didn't literally mean destroying it and that he only meant doing harm wich we certainly are.
If you say something in a debate that can be attacked, you will be attacked.

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I mean come on, the world would be better off without us, wouldn't it?
Sure it would, but who the fuck would care? Animals don't have any comprehension of the overall state of the world and would carry on doing their business whether we're here to kill them or not.

Short answer: Nobody cares if nobody's there.

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We arn't exactly helping it, are we?
No, and we have no obligation to help it. We (on the economic/political scale of things) only do anything about the environment at all because the damage we cause comes back to bite us, not to bite other life forms.

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ABesides, there are many quotes from the old testament of the bible saying very shocking things like you should stone teenagers to death if they are disobidient and bloodily kill any man that sleeps wit another man. Now that's barbaric and is anything but condemning violence and this is from a very worringly common religion - Christianity.
And do you know how many Christians take the Old Testament seriously at all? It's not an issue in and of itself. People who take a literal interpretation of the Old Testament already have dangerous personalities and would just spread their horrible ideas through some other means even without religion.

Religion isn't the problem, ideas are the problem. Religion is but one means to convey ideas.
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