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Hi everyone, my name is Dina and I'm new on this site.
I thought as an Introduction I might tell you a little about myself:
Name: Dina Silva
Birthday: 6/25/90
Age: 14
Race: half spanish, half white: Puerto Rican, Portuguese, Cuban, Greek and Irish
Skin color: dark olive-tan
Eye color: dark dark brown
Hair color: dark dark brown-black-Long-straight.
Height: 5''6
Weight: 123 lbs
Status: single
Born: Yonkers
Grew up: The Bronx
Hobby's and interests: language, drawing, singing, dancing and one day sex
I am a virgin
Cool tricks and things I can do: I am double jointed in my fingers and elbows, I have amazing flexability, I can whistle with my hands, I have a deep throat-can fit 9 inches (I can't throw up wwhen I want to so I can never be bilimic), I can move both eyes, and I can pop my hip out of place(don't do that to much), oh and I can make a smile face with my tounge, a bathtub, and make a wave.
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