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You cant fly over D.C. without being gunned down... or for that matter around D.C. at all. Having a unidentified plane un the US is rare. Its happened twice and the last year (News Breakers I mean) around D.C. but you heard that they had Fighter Jets all over that plane.

Oh and about the ICBM's Sorry I mistated information. The SDI's we produced in Ronald Regan's Term. During Clinton's & Russian President Vladimir Putinterm both developed a new Anti Missle Deffense System. It is known as N-M-D and it is still being used. It's being disputed. I am not sure if the information I posted is still acurate since the US likes to keep those kinda of things secret but it was acurate in Clintons term. If you want the information refer to this website: The site is also a good Nuke/Missle information site!
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