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Originally Posted by Webbeardthepirate
Aztecs practiced rather brutal human sacrafice as part of their religeon so the statement "All religeons" being against violence is not correct. The Quran also tells Muslims to kill Jews who do not accept Mohamed as the prophit of allah, and Leviticus orders death by stoning for people who plant two sorts of grain next to one another. Actually attempting to contact the dead is also a crime punnishable by death. I wonder if any one has told that Medium woman on NBC. So even christians are picking and choosing from their own faith what they think is moral, rather then having morality recieved from the Word.

Muhamed before he was recognized by all arabs and lived with his followers in Medina, also told his followers to attack the caravans from mecca saying that muslims may attack the comercial interests of their enemies even if they have not themselves been attacked. Just like the World Trade Center.
All religion at some time have believed in violence it's not just the Muslims and the others you mentioned, even though a lot of people are picking on the Muslims for a small minority of extremists
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