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Default Cutting

Like it has been explained so much before, Cutting, I the only thing we have control in our lives. I don't know how to explain it... But, having the ability to finally control something in your life, when everything spins out of your grasp, just..feels..good, in a grim sort of way.

Cutting, is something I do alone, and it gives me time to think things through. I am NOT suggesting you ought to cut yourself to think things through, but merely stating what I do.

I do know..that cutting of course, is nor healthy, nor the brightest choice out there, but for some helps me. I am proud for not having gone in the directions of drugs, because..that will kill me quicker, then my cutting.

I do know I have a problem with it. But I have worked with it. My best mates, and I have cutted less this month, an achievement maybe not in your eyes, but ours.

I don't know if that answers your question..but it's all I can say to help you better understand what goes on in our lives..
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