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Default Re: Not feeling hungry anymore

Originally Posted by schrei jess View Post
It seems like all of a sudden I have no appetite. I can go like a few days without eating anything and just drinking a lot. And Im not intentionally not eating, I just dont have any desire to. Im on a medicene called welbutrin which can make you lose your appetite but that happened only in the first week when I was taking it, and then it went away. My dose has gone up since then but I still had an appetite. Now here, a week or two ago - BAM! Not hungry at all! I dont eat breakfast, havent since like 6th grade, and I never really ate lunch at school, but now I dont eat any lunch, and I dont really want dinner. When I eat dinner - I end up getting sick later in the night. I eat maybe a small snack every now and then. And people have been saying I look like Ive lost weight, and I cant say that I hate it. I love it. I feel like I could never eat again! Ive wanted to lose weight for forever, and now I finally am. The bad thing is that Im glad that Im not hungry, and Im going to eat only when it is absolutely necessary. What do I do? It feels great when people are saying I look smaller, Ive felt fat for so long, there is so much about me that I hate, and it feels great that I can finalyl change one thing!

How bad is this?
Where do you get that wellbutrin from? Can it be bought at any pharmacy? Or do you need a doctor's prescription
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