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I fear i must be the berer of bad news kda. ICBM's are used to deliver nuclear war heads between continants, not stop them. The Strategic Defense Innitiative, or SDI has yet to yeild a workable defensive system for such missles. They travel too high and too fast. And you can't use nukes to blow up the first wave in the air because that Ionizes the air rendering it opaque to radar. No radar and you can't see the next wave of missles comming, so you have to use conventional weapons.

Its not a launched weapon we really have to wory about. A ship with a nuke on board in new york harbor would kill 15 million people in a little under three seconds. A nuke in a cargo plane near washigton DC wipes out our entire federal government and a really cool museum just as fast. That's what is more likly to happen. Still, their ambassador to the UN in Vienna said they are going to hurt us for stopping them from getting nukes.
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