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Default Re: confused so much!

Originally Posted by lxl
it's very hard for me to say this
I'm a guy, and i like girls, seriously
but it comes to sexuality, it comes to guys
its really weird
and i dunno if i am straight or gay
but what i want to be is straight
but i can't help that i get horny around guys
it sounds all confusing
isn't there way to fix it?
I really want to be 100% straight!
well when u go through puberty hormones rage and you can go through curious and experimenting phases. so its best not to label yourself.

but even if you are gay its not the worst in the world. and if you are there is no way you can "fix it". when i came to terms with being gay i wanted to become 100% straight but now i have come to love it!

but dont label yourself or get worried about it.

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