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Well, she would finally get the respect she deserves when we have to call her Mr. President. Mr. President is the official form of address for the Presidnet of the United States. Congresspersons are addressed by the neutral "Representative" so and so, and the more confusing "Senator" so and so. Senator is an old latin term that means "old man" and possibly Old Wise Man but that is a bit of streatch.

The female form would be Sentrix or Senress, using the same rules as the terms Actor/Actress and Author/Authress or Authtrix which is used in only the most pedantic writings. Generals are addressed "General" and cabinet Secrataries are addressed as "Secratary" But the Prsident is called "Mister President." Since the protocal does not recognize the gender of the office holder, all are equal after all and gender is irrlevent, then Hillary Clinton would be "Mr. President"

Bill would not be "First Lady," or "First man," or "First Gentleman," the last one being the corresponding address to "Lady" While this would present a problem to most other husbands of a president protocol says you keep the highest title you ever achieve. So Bill Clinton woul dbe addressed as "Mr. President, " as well in defference to his having acchieved high office. Ex-president or Former President are not part of their title. Once you are sworn in as President you are a President for the rest of your life. In the Press they use former and Ex to avoid confusion with the readers but are not proper forms of address.

I imagine they would be Introduced as "Presidents Hillary and Bill Clinton," should they eneter a room together. This would be in place of the "President and First Lady George W. Bush and Laura Bush" The clintons might call each other 44 and 42 in private. Seems unlikely.

I'm not voting for that psycho loon Hillary, but its fun to think about. You know, if she won and served two full terms their daughter Chelsea will be old enough to run for Presidnt? Mother/daughter presidents after two father/son presidents and the Husband/Wife presidents. That would be two firsts in one blow. Anyways, that's how you make royalty, none of this self destructive Kennedy crap. Chapaquitic! I'd rather go hunting with Cheney then go for a Car ride with Kennedy.
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