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Default What do I Do?

hey everyone......I've never done this before but none of my friends have any answers so I thought someone from here couldhelp me out......... Here's the deal:

This girl(Jessie) from another town likes me, I went to the town and talked to her but I'm wasn't really interested in her but she had a friend (Leah) with her who was very pretty, really funny, I mean EVERYTHING I look for in a girl accept I barely even knew her name. Over the next week things went on and talked to a friend of Leah's and I told her how I was interested in her and she said she talk to her. She tells me the next day that Leah thinks I'm cute and that I'm the kinda guy she'd date. But she can't because it would ruin her and Jessie's friendship. I really respect her thoughts on it and i understand, but I can not stop thinking about Leah. Jessie has never even told me that she likes me, only her friends have. Is it right that we like each other but can't date because of her friend. Shouldn't Jessie be happy if Leah and I are Happy? Any help would be appreciated..

C. C.
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