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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by NMon View Post
My foreskin doesn't cover my glans, I've never seen anybody not like that but a lot of people here give off a vibe (to me anyways) that makes it seem like the foreskin covers the glans.

Originally Posted by Benny Chaotik View Post
My foreskin covers the glans and then some. On most guys that are Un-Cut (I think) it covers the glans but there's a little circle were you can see the tip of it. Mine covers that and then a bit more so I have a bit of foreskin that sits on top I hope to God that's normal too LOL
lol, everyone's different, some guys have longer foreskin than others. And for most of us the size of our flacid penis will vary depending on temperature and god knows what else, when its smaller the foreskin will cover more, maybe all of the glans, and when its bigger the foreskin will cover less.
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