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Okay, I really didn’t want Ro to be hurt. Yeah, really! Well, a little hurt wouldn’t be bad, but a bad injury would be… well, bad. It’s just that I think when you hate someone, it’s going too far for you to want them to die. But I couldn’t let Ro know that I didn’t want her to be hurt! So I just did what I could do: stand there and watch from behind.
While Iris and Ham were helping Ro up, I slipped away to the bedroom that Shyam, Fin and I shared. I plunked down onto the cot, the springs squeaking from the sudden pressure.
That could happen to me one day, I thought. Well, not the fainting while trying to make a table part, but I could try something beyond my power. I wanted to believe that I was already all-powerful, but even my cockiness couldn’t produce that pretext. But just how far could I push myself? That was definitely the hardest question on the matter.
As my mind drifted around, eventually towards sleepiness, a knock on the door pulled me to reality. Reality… I didn’t really know exactly what it was anymore. Well, I silently went to let in the guest. To my shock, it was Iris.

With Iris leaving, Ham led me into the dorm and gently helped me into my bed.
"You really should rest for the remainder of the day," he said.
"What?! No! I'm fine! Really! Please, I really want to train today!" I said, struggling to get up. The pain returned for a fraction of a second, then disappeared, causing me to lose my balance and fall forward. Ham's strong arms caught me effortlessly, helping me back.
"Thanks," I muttered, sitting on the cot. Ham nodded. We were silent for a moment before he spoke up.
"I'm going to allow you to train. I don't want you to over work yourself…we might work on flying with you today," he said. I looked into his silvery eyes. Wait…
"Weren't your eyes red?" I asked, looking into his eyes. He chuckled.
"That's my other power. Strength, obviously, and shape-shifting," he replied.
"You can turn into anything?" I wondered out loud.
"Only things that I've seen."
"That's awesome!"
He just smiled. It looked like he wanted to say more, but refrained from doing so.
"Does that mean you're going to fly with me?" I asked.
"Well, I mean, if you can change shape, that means you can give yourself wings. I mean, it'll be hard to fly by myself. I don't have a clue to what I'm doing," I explained.
"Well, I've never seen a person with wings before."
Oh…that was my cue. I closed my eyes and let it be known with my mind that I wanted him to be able to see my wings. A certain warmth flew through my back and I looked at him again. His eyes were wide with surprised, but the rest of his face was still the same placid face I had known.
"Yeah, I'll be coming with you."

“Can I come in?” said Iris coolly. I stood there, star-struck.
“Uh… um… sure! Yeah, come in…” I said. As she confidently strode past, for some reason, I held my breath. She meandered to the window at the far wall of the room. Turning on her heel, she faced me. At that moment, I released all the air. She smiled delicately at me.
“So, uh, do you, uh, I mean, uh, what-“ I stammered.
“Shamus,” she began. The expression in her voice and on her face was unreadable. “Can you please tell me the story behind you and Rowena?” She looked up at me. I held my breath again for a few seconds, star struck. Then I released it stupidly and crossed the room to sit on the bed nearest the window, where she stood illuminated magnificently by the sun.
“Um… okay,” I said quietly. “I think it started in the summer between eighth and ninth grade.” I paused and looked at Iris. She continued to keep her stern but warm gaze fixed on me. I waited for her to sit with me, but she did not. So I continued. “I was at a party at her house. Well, first of all, we were neighbors and we knew each other since kindergarten. Well, Ro told some of my friends about… an incident… that happened when I was five.” Thankfully, Iris didn’t press about the certain incident. “So, I got really mad at her and stormed into the house. Kinda pathetic, really.” I paused once more. She finally sat on the cot opposite me.
“So I thought about it, and I decided to get her back. I went into her room, where I found her sister. She was reading Ro’s diary. I asked if I could see it… she’s usually a brat, but I think that she’d be kind to someone else in order to be a little-“ I almost said the b-word, “jerk to Ro. In the diary, Ro had a whole two pages devoted to one of my friends, Joey. So I mentioned it in front of her friends later…” I stopped. I didn’t see any need to go on. I looked expectedly at Iris, who looked pensively at the floor. It was really awkward. Again I held my breath like an idiot.
“I see,” she said, looking at me. I exhaled, hoping I wasn’t breathing on her beautiful face. “Shamus, I don’t want to lecture you like you’re some naughty little kid or preach or something like that, but you and Rowena need to learn to put aside your differences and get along. I don’t want you and her to be friends, but you guys seriously need to start showing respect for each other.”
Respect? For Ro? I thought it would never happen. But all immature doubts aside, I knew she was right. “Right,” I muttered.
“I’m glad I got that off of my chest,” Iris said. “To be honest, me saying that is a little hypocritical.”
“Why?” I said.
“When Ham and I were recruited into the Dumaniz, we were, well, like you and Ro.”
Iris!? Have faults like a normal human?
“That’s not hypocritical at all,” I said. “You just don’t want to see someone make the same mistake you did.”
“Ham and me,” she said playfully. Her smile was too much for my stupid hormones. I guffawed like an unseasoned cowboy, recovering with a cough.
“Come on,” she said, going to the door. “We’re gonna leave in a half an hour for training.”

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