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Originally Posted by MikeMike4 View Post
i believe im uncut but i dont have a foreskin?
Chances are you're cut, but it is possible that if your foreskin was forcibly retracted by caregivers like when you were a toddler, then it didn't keep growing as it was supposed to. So you'd be left with all the exquisite nerve endings, no circumcision scar (typically a ring about an inch from the glans, marking a distinct change in color and texture), plenty of skin mobility, but no coverage for your glans.

Cut or not, you could wear an o-ring or silicone cone to keep your skin over the glans 24/7, or you could use non-surgical foreskin restoration techniques to expand your skin so it would stay over the glans permanently. With restoring, the amount your glans you can temporarily force your skin over while you're erect could increase by a mm per month. Once you can force it maybe 2" past the tip while erect, you can expect it hang over the glans while you're flaccid.

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