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Atheism is interesting, I'm sure others have thought this, but atheism is supposedly non-belief in God ... but I feel it is in fact a belief that there is no God. It's not existentialism or surrealism (the idea that the Universe is benignly indifferent to humans; life; its process etc, and completely irrational), it is a fervent belief that there is no God. Which makes it faith all the same.

The only point you've made is that anyone of any religion can go to jail, which is common knowledge. Just because you're labeled as something, doesnt mean you're better or worst. This evidence isnt solid. These are just 75,000 prisoners. These 75,000 prisioners could be in a region where atheism isnt popular, so of course it would appear to be the smaller amount. As of 2000, atheist take out 0.4% of the USA population, so thats how its seemed that they have less people in prison.

As I said, a very flawed argument with bad evidence. All these radio hosts did (or whoever) did was make a statistic that would appear in their favor.
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