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all you're doing is throwing this is religious people's faces that they aren't so perfect
Yes, yes I am.

As for no one having the higher ground, I'm putting forward the thesis that Athiests have a better claim to the moral high ground than religeous people. Everything that isn't Atheism is a religeon incednetly. I find it disheartening that you would lump Atheism with "other faiths." Atheism is no faith at all, replacing credence with incredulity and skepticism. If there were no religeons there wouldn't even be a word for Atheism.

This particular argument by magician Penn Jillette is that religeon appears to be no aid to morality, rendering religeon redundant to leading a moral life. And having had the "morality is religeon" line thrown in my face as many times as I have, I do take great delight in the opportunity to throw it back.
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