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Default Are Religeous People More Moral?

Penn Jillette of magic duo Penn and Teller has a radio show. Clips are availble on the internet each day from Penn Jillette is an avowed athiest and enemy of all that is humbug, which is why they often take delight in showing how their tricks are done. In a recent clip they sited the following statistics from a 1997 survey of prisoners in american prisons. Bad people who go caught being bad and are now paying for their badness. Remember, any crime witha senatnce of less then a year is served in Jail, not prison, so these are people who have broken some serious commandments beyond just not keeping the sabath holy.

75,000 prisoners
29,267 Catholics
26,162 Protostants
5,400 Muslims
1,300 Jews
1,093 Pentecostal
882 Budhists
665 Jahova's Witnesses
298 Mormons
and how many Athiests?
156 out of a population of 75,000 prisoners, in prison.
(0.2% if you are, like me, math impaired)

While 60% of professional Scientists are Athiests and something like 90% of Nobel Prize winners are Athiests.

"Follow the Pattern," says Penn Jillette, "Follow the pattern."

Who has the moral high ground now? Well? Looks like you don't need religeon to not do horrible things after all. The numbers are pretty, if you'll pardon the expresssion, damning.

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