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Default i got caught....

well i got home one day and well i was really horny and i wanted to watch some porn while i jacked off and well i found one that i really liked and i oragasmed once then i only had like 3 minutes alone still and i had to do it again and i did (i cant cum f.y.i.). Then i heard a car door slam and i looked out the curtin and i saw my bros and sis's coming out and i was like O NO! then i rushed to put the curtin back up and well my bro saw me and well he goes in and says WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT IN MY ROOM THATS DISGUSTING (the comp is in his room) and now he lockes his room and now i dont know what to do becasue i come home and most of the time im really horny and well i have to and the porn makes my orgasm come faster. well i thought i would share with that you...
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