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I agree with everyone who has said that you need to talk to her mozzaman51.
Try to stop worrying and put everything in perspective (easier said than done, i know! ).
But seriously, she is jsut a girl (a really pretty one!! ) but still jsut a girl. Not a teacher who grades you and then tells your parents, not a interviewer for college/job, not even a monster :o ...She is just a girl, same age as you (roughly?) and who has to endure the same (most likely, horribly boring ) classes each school day, with the weekends off...see, you have something in common with her already!
But the only way you can get close to her is by talking, by letting her get to know you. True, she has a boyfriend just now, but that doesnt mean you cant be her friend and jsut be there for her.

Youre the only one who can change your behaviour, and stop yourself running away everytime you see her. Youre also the only one who can decide whether or not she is worth it.

Goodluck with everything!!
I really hope it works out for you!

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