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agreeing with Kiros, its what you PUT IN your body and not how you can make it come out. i think he covered it all, but through bullimia it can become addictive and through annorexia you can develop problems and those problems can lead to you not being able to have a baby as i said b4. just some of my personallity, i CANT STAND the people in my school who think they're fat when they're really just sticks and all they eat for lunch is hot chocolate-very filling(not), we're all different and there's good in that. summerizing: your not fat at all for ur height, try to eat healthier and maybe go running if you want and you'll have more energy and you'll tone your body in a MUCH healthier way than uve been trying if u want some help i guess i could(im a guy but i think i could help) cuz i went through some of this last year and im in much better shape is offline   Reply With Quote