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so drinking and cutting are in your control, dont u think there are other things that are? nobody controls your mind. if you feel bad or sad about something ur thinking of and cutting is ur first answer think a moment: its ur mind and u DO have control over it so just think of something else. there are so many things u have control over but i dont think u want to see it now because uve for so long thought u have no control so u turn to cutting. i hate to be harsh or even mean, but people have to realize that cutting is useless, pointless and is only hurting u more. For one you now think that one of the main forms of feeling control over urself is to roll a blade over ur arm. 2, ur slicing open ur skin to do that. maybe not for everyone, but for some ur gonna be confused and turn to cutting and ur gonna mess up. and then while you are in cronic blood loss because you did something wrong ur gonna have memories flashing everywhere and ur gonna realize that what ur doing is just supid and you couldve live a much fuller life. you might get help, u might not but for those who didnt, you died there a death by ur own doing. you shared it with nobody but your mind which you made think this was the only way. WHICH U MADE THINK, YOU DO HAVE CONTROL OVER IT!! is offline