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Default A Question About Shaving

Lately, my pubic hair has been bothering me. It's been getting really itchy, and sometimes simple activities like walking or running might pull the hair inside my boxers or pants, and it'll hurt enough to make me wince. I have shaved my crotch before out of boredom and curiousity, and I know how to do it, and that fact that it gets irritated and itchy. But, I'm a boy, and I was wondering that if my doctor saw I was shaved while giving me a physical, should I just explain the situation with the itchiness and pain, or do you think I'd get a really bad reaction and shouldn't shave my crotch at all?

I'm also wondering on the side on a woman's preference on the topic of shaven men. I'm not too worried about that, I'm just wondering on what women think about it.

Thanks for reading.

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