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Originally Posted by AC.wAkeBoArDin.06
You wanna know something crazy.... Nice guys finish last. Some girls like bad boys. Just somehow over time win her over.
So true. Like the girl i like, she is going out with my friend, but I don't really like him that much. He is a liar and a dramaqueen. and im nothing but nice to this girl, well I sort of disagree with her sometimes but she knows its all jokes. anyways ya he isnt the nicest guy, like he flirts with other girls and shit, and i compliment her, but she doesnt take most of the compliments, and i just want her so bad. even though she cheats sort of, i dont care. also she used to like me, she says she doesnt anymore, but people say she does, I just hope their right, and things between her and him arent going too smoooth atm, so they might just break up. anyways im sorry, i tend to ramble on sometimes, sorry for sort of hi-jackin your thread, so ya just try and compliment her, and be nice to her, even though you find it kinda hard to talk to her. Good luck mate
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