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Originally Posted by koler
Originally Posted by redcar
well u see if they did say in time to come become totally independant they woudl more than likey become part of the EU, which has varios amounts of tax harmonastion, trade wouldnt be a problem as the EU total free trade, with no internal boundries.

however i dont see Scotland or Wales becoming totally independant. all they have reallly is partial control, kind of like local government kind of thing. Westminister could in theory abolish both parliments and impose direct rule again, like wat happened with Northen Ireland.
But why do they want to. Its not like the UK is imposing un just laws againt them
i think they just want to be seperate from England. like have a nice clear distinction because they were historically seperate countries at some point.

(again this would be a nice time for Lloyd and Lynne to interject!)

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