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Default Re: Small Balls Big Penis

Originally Posted by Zach o' Lantern View Post
Your balls don't drop in puberty. Your balls drop at birth.

So yeah, that probably is it - since you're only 14, your balls could be smaller because they haven't gone through major growth yet. It'll mostly likely even out there around when puberty ends
Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
You're only 14. They have plenty of time to grow. Usually penis grow starts more noticeably first than testicle growth
Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
Everybody grows at different rates. Don't worry about it. I don't think you're maturing slow. You sound just fine.
Originally Posted by Zach o' Lantern View Post
Actually, that's not true. Your body grows when it wants to - the reason why you aren't growing is because your body hasn't done it yet. Puberty ends around 20, so you have 6 years to grow, get bigger and get a mustache. That could happen next month or the next few years

When we say you have plenty of time to grow, we mean it
Need I say anything?
Yeah, so everything Maverick and Zach o' Lantern have said is true. Everyone grows/matures at a different rate, all of your individual questions can be answered by that.

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Age is just a number. Yeah? Prison is just a room.
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call me harsh but you have to be a mega-attention seeker if you feel the need to announce that you're leaving.
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i'm too busy licking my own arse to bother with ears
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So one time when i was watching her house
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