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Default Allergic Reacton?

Ok this may sound weird but it happens 3/4 times I do this. This is a serious question and no i dont have an STD and yes im possitive. Cause it doesnt follow any symptoms of all the STD's. Cause theres no blisters or discoloration or bumps or patchy or anything. Its just a tiny bit sore. But everytime I eat a girl out, the next day under my tounge gets kinda sore. Theres no blisters, no nothing. Its not an STD, but could it be im allergic to female body fluids? Like its not just 1 girl in particular. Its like 3/4 girls. The next day i get kinda sore under my tounge. Not a big sore. I cant see nething in the mirror. Is it possible to be allergic to it? Cause i cant find what else it could be.

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