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Ok, one of the secrets of weight loss isn't restricting your eating - it's what your eating. For instance, at breakfast, don't skip it - just eat some cereal or something with carbohydrates. The carbs in the morning will help "jump-start" your body and raise your metabolism. At lunch, the better thing to eat would be something with meat and vegetables and maybe a fruit. That variety will give your body the nutrients it needs to work harder and better. And for dinner, something that has a little meat, some carbs, and some vegetables. For meat (for dinner at least) should be something lean - like turkey - and the vegetables should be something you enjoy eating - boiled carrots, corn, a salad with some of your favorite dressing, etc - so you will eat it every time and it will help your body once more. Now, I'm not saying if you want to loose weight, find everything in the house and eat it I'm just saying that if you eat better balanced meals that are full, then you will have more energy and a higher metabolism. Also, this will keep your body from going in to the infamous "starvation mode" where your body attempts to burn as little fat as possible.

Oh, also for the exercising, again, it's more of what you do than how much of it you do it - but that still has a factor in it. For instance, walking is one of the best ways to loose weight and it's because of the simple reaction your body has when you walk for a while (I'll get to that in a second). When you walk, make sure you don't start running or jogging or even walking too hard, but make sure it's not too slow - you should still be able to talk, but you shouldn't be able to carry out a long conversation very well. Now at this kind of speed, your body first tries to use it's carbohydrates - this isn't really what we want, but it still helps. After your "peak" (as I call it), you will start to feel like your blood is flowing and you can almost feel the heat coming off of your chest - not that your chest is on fire or that it hurts... if it does, stop walking. This "peak" is when your body switches from it's first source of energy, carbs, to it's second source, which is fat. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes on some people and it might take a little bit more if you walk slowly (which by all means you should do the first 4 or 5 times you walk). If you keep walking at the same pace for an hour, then you're body will have about 30 minutes of non-stop fat-burning action I've done this many times before to keep myself healthy and trust me, after you give about an hour of walking, you should feel fantastic for a few hours after you've stopped, and it's because your body doesn't stop burning fat - it keeps going for a good bit while your at your peak

Sorry if I might of said something weird... I don't think I'm good at explaining things Anyway, if you need support or have a question about something I worded horribly, just PM me

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