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Name: Cassie
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she had cancer....its been so long and ive been being to forget memories and thats y i think ive been crying so much. i can only see her in pictures, my mind just cant picture her face like it use to. i miss her n i wish i could just see her inperson again. ugh i dont no wat to do. i wanna give her a hug. i havent seen her in 6 years. n i havent sed the word mom or mommy in sucj a long time. its like forgein. i use to take it for granted and now i cry wen i think about it....

my dad is never home i see him like 1ce a day, hes always at work. i was gonna move in w. my friend cause im only 14 and i pretty much living on my own. but i no he would miss me but im not sure of wat to do.

i jsut want my mom bac so was always there for me i she was here i prob wouldnt even be on this website and i wouldnt cut and i wouldnt hate myself, and if i did she would understand and my dad just doesnt n i guess he cant cause hes a guy...but its just soo fucking hard.
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