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2. Your Age: 13
3. Str8, gay, or bi?: strait
4. Your boob size: c38
5. Are you satisfied with your boob size?: yeah
6. What would you say average size is?: b to c
7. Amount of Pubic Hair?: adverage i think
8. Are you satisfied with your pubic hair?: as satisfied as a person would be with pubes i guess....
9. Do you shave or wax your pubes?: no
10. Do you consider yourself done with puberty?: not really
11. Do you wear bikinis, thongs or what?: like underwear? teh reagular bikini low rise ones

12. SEX
13. Would you show your boobs If a guy asked you to?: yeah
14. Do you have a boyfriend?: no
15. Do you want one?: yeah
16. Have you kissed someone?: nope
17. Have you had sex with someone?: nope
18. Did you enjoy it?: ...
19. Oral sex?: no
20. Anal sex?: NOO
21. What other kinds?: non

23. Do You masturbate?: nope
24. How often?:.....
25. Do you orgasm?: nada
26. Do you do it often?: zero

27. PORN
28. Do you look at porn?: ive seen it
29. If so, what types?: ....
30. Have you ever been caught looking at porn?: no
31. Do you masturbate while looking at porn?: nope

33. Do you take showers or baths?: showers
34. Do you have sleepovers with friends?: yeah
35. Do you compare boob sizes to friends?: well sometimes idk
36. Have you been seen naked by family members, by friends?: yeah duh
37. Do your parents give you birth control?: nooo lol


im feelin like a freak on a leash*
feelin like i have no realease.

Oh can\'t you see
you got the best of me
oh cant you see
your bringin on the heartbreak
takin on the best of me
oh cant you see
your bring on the heartache*
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