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Default Weird Thoughts..

I've liked girls all my life.. I've masturbated to hardcore porn, female pornstars (still do atleast), I've fingered two girls.. all in all I know I'm straight. But for the past year in ahalf my friends have noticed me glancing at their dicks, like I was gay or something. I think I've only been compairing, or atleast I hope so. I've never had gay thoughts like "oh yea, I want your cock hardcore", But I have joked around like that with my best friend. Does this mean I'm developing okay mentally? Or am I on the way threw the Hershey Highway deluxe? Please get back to me. Oh, and what are sexual hangups? My mother told me I was going to experience these threw life because of her. Me and her were drunk though so I don't know if she wanted me to hear this or not.