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Originally Posted by dying lullaby
Originally Posted by mozzaman51
I don't cut. It's silly
maybe silly in your eyes, but not ours. to us this is very serious and i know i personally dont appreciate you calling something which is so big a part of my life "silly"


i feel many different things. one of the strongest feelings is reliefe. not like i am purging myself of all the badness, but reliefe that i am back on solid ground again. usually what makes me want to cut is this feeling of being stuck inside myself and not being able to get out and be in control of anything i do - its like someone else is doing things for me...but after i cut i come back to reality. every once in a while cutting pushes me further away from real life but not often enough to make me find a different way of helping myself.
It is silly though. "I have a problem...time to nearly kill myself!"

It's just so...unneeded. If you can't get so and so girlfriend, leave her, go fishing around, there might be a better catch out there. Having family problems? Talk with your parents, say sorry even though they may have pissed you off and then they will say sorry too. I just find self harm and wrist cutting really really...I dunno how to say this...moronic?

Cutting your veins open on your arm should not be something big in your life, your education, health, social and sex life should be big parts of your life. Don't waste time cutting and wiping up blood for countless hours. Go out with your friends and play football, tennis, cricket, go watch a movie, do whatever you need. Just please, for the good of yourself, don't bother with the knife.
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