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Was democrocy not created to put power in the hands of the people, so why the fuck are we being controlled like lab rats.
I don't know if deomcracy is ever created. It seems people just sor of fall into it when they have tried everything else out and realized it sort of sucks. Democracy sometimes seems to suck because it gives voice to other people, and face it, people are dumb. I'm dumb too, I'm not going to pretend I'm above the fray here. Lots of people don't know how dumb they are. Socrates said that the true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. Sometimes I forget this wisdom too. So we have a bunch of people who think they know best, but often they don't. There are lots more ways to be wrong then there are to be right.

So thinking every one else is dumb they try and manipulate the dumb people like lab rats. But people really aren't any dumber then the people trying to manipulate them. Without even thinking about it every manipulation gets less effective every time its used. Just look at old commercials some time. They wouldn't convince me to by a cigaret from fred flinstone. Campaign adds lag behind so they are less convincing each go round.

Look on the bright side, once you've learned the maze you can do anything you want, within it's confines.
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