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Age- 15
Sexuality- straight maybe bi

Have you ever had a public erection- no, thank god
Have you ever been to a public shower- not completely naked
Have you ever seen another mans penis- only on porn
Have you ever touched another mans penis- no, but want to
Have you ever masturbated in the presence of another man- no, but want to
Have you ever sucked another mans penis- no, but mite want to
Have you ever showered with another man- not naked

Do you wear boxers, breifs, boxer briefs, thongs ect.- all of the above
Why do you wear that specific kind- well boxers because they are just what you where, no specific reason. Boxer - Briefs because they show off your penis. and thongs because they keep it all in 1 place, show off your penis, and are sexy

Are you a virgin- yes
If no, when did you loose it-

what is your penis size:
Erect- 5 1/2 in
Flacid- 3 in
Do you get jealous when you see a bigger penis- never have seen one mi age
What are your veiws on homosexuality- it ok
What do you think about public showers- i wudnt want to have one in my school but showering with another person, hell yeh!
Have you ever tasted semen- yes

Are you circumsised- no
If yes, do you wish you were uncircumsised-
If no, do you wish you were circumsised- no
do you watch pornography- try not to
in what form- Gay when i do
preferance of style, or genre- blowjobs
Where do you get it from-

while matsutbating, what physical gestures do you make? none
Do you moan? sometimes
Do you use lubricant? no
How often do you masturbate- try not to, altho ive onli once in the past 5 days

Say you took a trip to the local waterpark. While changing (nude) into your bathing attire, you are approached by a man, and he askes you to touch his penis, and he asks to touch yours. What do you do? say no!!! if it was just some randomer

Use the same situation above, but switch the stranger, to one of your friends. yes

Have you ever preformed anal stimulation to yourself- yes
do you suck your own penis- not p[ossible
if not physically possible, this means that you've tried- yup but i cant, awwwwwwwww

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