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Originally Posted by moo69
Originally Posted by koler
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I swore to god I would never stand for another STUPID survey...HUFF PUFF HUFF PUFF...would a mod please make a survey sticky, it appears my old, perfectly good survey sticky was abolished when you fucked up the stickies, its ok, we know it wasnt an intential fuck up, just horridly painful. but seriously, Now that people have been reminded of the stickies, they will breed them, you will be very, displeased with the forum, if there are 5 surveys all saying the same damn thing, so yeah, you might just wanna.........sticky know, for you own good.

Just shut up just actual shut up! No one gives a shit what you did or what you think is right. If you think it's stupid, then dont go on this thread. Its that simple. Obviously people like it and are doing the survey so let them be. Either take the survey or shut your mouth!
Alright chill out! Anymore new surveys like this will be locked because they are starting to bug me now. A sticky would be unnecessary but i've merged the two existing active surveys.
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